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What is tarot?

The tarot is an ancient divination tool used to connect with your intuition, your spiritual guides and your soul, the tarot is a way to bring what is inside your physical reality.
Nothing more than images on maps, the tarot is simply a way to get closer to your truth and clarity.
The tarot has experienced a huge resurgence in recent years. Its use is no longer reserved for Cartomancien and Cartomancian masters. Everyone can venture to pull their own cards and make their own interpretation in order to start making heart choices in their lives. However, not everyone has the same mastery of arcanes. It takes a long time to know the symbols and even more to glimpse all the interconnections between the different cards of the same tarot draw. The art of cartomancia can attract more than one, but it is enough to have spent a session with a person who has assimilated the cards as an extension of themselves to know the difference between a Cartomancien apprentice and a Cartomancien master.

But going back to the fundamentals, whether it's to pull the cards yourself or by a cartomancienne, the tarot is simply a divine guide to help you unlock situations that prevent you from taking flight.

Tarot cards

The traditional 78-card tarot game is represented by two large groups: the 22 Major Arcanes cards and the 56 Minor Arcanes cards.
Major Arcanes represent karma in life and the spiritual lessons that cross our paths to help us reflect and grow. You need to pay attention to these cards because they will carry an important and more urgent message – whether positive or changing.
The Minor Arcanes reflect the daily trials and tribulations of life and how to navigate them with grace and ease. Minor arcana contain four symbols traditionally represented by pentacles, chopsticks, swords and cups – each with its own connotations and meanings.    

Les Oracles

You may also have heard of Oracles. These are not the same tarot games, but they can be used in conjunction with the tarot for accuracy.

Oracles are divination tools without any rules or limits and can take the form of just about anything possible with any number of cards. Animals, chakras, crystals, fairies, gods, goddesses, plants, affirmations, etc. Oracles are there to break established patterns and inspire intentional change.
Themes, patterns, lessons, purpose, victories, passion, weaknesses and losses in your life can be reflected in a tarot reading.

How does the tarot work?

The cards themselves are not magic. The magic is in you and the cards are just a way to converse with your higher self.
The tarot is a matter of intuition. It is a way of calming the mind, tapping into the soul and speaking with the heart. We always receive messages from the mind, the ether, the universe, our guides, our angels, etc. However, it is sometimes difficult to connect to these messages with the distractions of life.
Drawing a card, or making an entire draw can help us better see the path we are following and where it leads us.

Choose your Tarot game

Choosing a game is your first step towards playing the tarot and is one of the most important. But usually it is the card game that chooses his person. In order to find out if a deck of cards has chosen you, you will feel some energy attracting you to it. There are some very simple signs that may indicate that you have found the card game that suits you perfectly.

If you tend to look at the same cards over and over again, this is a very clear indication that you have found the game that connects you. If there are any discrepancies, however, don't worry, that's perfectly normal. There are many different questions you can ask yourself if you have trouble finding the right tarot game. One of these thoughts is simply to choose the maps with the images you like the most. Each tarot game tends to have its own meaning which is more in-depth collectively, compared to another game.

Although in all Tarot games, the meanings are generally universal, there are always details that make each game stand out from another. With that in mind, all you can do is be patient until a deck of cards chooses you, after which you can move forward and start making predictions.

Draw and Interpretation

First of all, you must free yourself from all your expectations, fears, doubts and myths about tarot. Go inside yourself and invite the magic to speak.

Take a few deep breaths while holding your game in your hands and ponder your intuition and connection with the cards Mix
your deck while asking your question in your head and ponder the fact of inviting the best card to passYou c
an either stop when you feel ready or count up to a number , either cut the game, or feel what card is raising his cosmic hand to answer you (sometimes they don't just stretch the same, they go so far as to jump on you!) If the map is i
n place, there is a given interpretation, and if the map is reversed, or upside down, there is an opposite interpretation, usually to inspire growth and change. Not everyone who pulls the tarot cards will necessarily read with the inverted meaning, so it's up to you to decide which interpretation is appropriate.