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What is Lithotherapy? Lithotherapy is an alternative system of medicine that uses the energy and colors of stones to harmonize the body. The name lithotherapy comes from the Greek words lithos ("stone") and therapeia ("care"). Its literal meaning: "the method of care by the use of stones". Stones and minerals have vibrations and qualities that…

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Divination avec les pierres


What is Lithomancia? Lithomancia is the practice of divination by reading stones. In some cultures, stone casting was considered fairly common - much like checking his daily horoscope in the morning paper. However, because our ancient ancestors did not leave us much information on how to read the stones, many specific aspects of the practice…

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signe zodiaque

Personalities of the signs of the zodiac

The 12 personalities of the astrological signs According to astrology, inner contentment and tranquility can be found according to the characteristics of your zodiac sign. Below are the twelve different types of astrological signs, a brief description and five key recommendations to help you find harmony. Ram You are a passionate, dynamic and confident…

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pendule divination

The pendulum

What is a dowsing clock? The use of the pendulum is officially considered a science known throughout Europe as Radiesthesia. Dowsesthesia is a divinatory detection process based on the belief that living things are sensitive to certain radiations emitted by different bodies. Historically, dowsing was known for its ability to locate water, gold, oil…

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The crystals, these thousand-year-old stones Since ancient times, crystals have been revered and used in all kinds of spiritual rituals. Prized for their unique energy properties, many religious traditions believed that crystals descended from the heavens. It is in ancient India that the use of crystals has been most studied. Traditional Indian medicine Ayurvedic, more…

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couleurs signe astrologique zodiac

The colors of the zodic signs

Discover the color associated with your astrological sign Aquarius As Aquarius, your color is blue, a color that resonates with calm and allows you to make ingenious ideas. Similar to the ocean, blue represents how infinite your ideas seem. By nature, you strive to bring out the best of others so that you can bring…

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signification couleur


Spiritual meaning of colours Color theory can go beyond the basic symbolism of a specific color and some people think it helps to improve our mood and spiritual well-being. For example, if you understand the meaning of colors, you can wear colors that match your intention for the day or decorate your home with colors…

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The aura

What is an aura? Auras are considered a projection of a human energy field surrounding each person. Essentially, auras are an external reflection of your spiritual state. Your aura can embody your thoughts, dreams and even desires. A multitude of colors make up these ethereal energy fields. However, there is usually a dominant hue. This…

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