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The Moon and Men

Men and women have observed and experienced the phases of the moon for millennia. The Moon has been used for centuries in Vedic astrology in India to calculate lunar astrological maps. Even now, you will find the gardeners and farmers most connected to ancestral traditions planting according to the different phases of the Moon.

There are 29 1/2 days from full moon to full moon.

The Cycle of the Moon

The cycle of the Moon can be broken down into 8 stages. The first four stages represent the growing moon and the last four stages represent the waning moon. The 8

stages of the lunar phases are: the
New Moon Firs
t Crescent, the F
irst Quarter, the
Gibbous Moon Growing t
he Full Moon,
the Gibbous Moon Decante
le Last Quarter,
The Last Crescent.

Some Wicca followers use the phases of the Moon in rituals. Each phase is appropriate for a certain action or reaction.

The moon, mind, body and health

The time between the New Moon and the First Quarter is good to initiate new plans, conclude agreements, start projects, look for a new job, start a new hobby or interest, meet someone new. This is a good time to start new health and beauty treatments. Have your hair cut if you want a quick regrowth.

The time elapsed between the First Quarter and the Full Moon is a great time to promote yourself, build on your plans, develop on any current project. This is a great time to search for lost items; you will have a good chance of finding them at that time.

The Full Moon is the time to start focusing on what you've accomplished so far and make sure things stay on track. Take a good look at what's going on and make the necessary adjustments. Plan to get rid of the dead weights of your life. It is a time when things seem bigger than life and feelings intensify. A time when decisions tend to be based on emotions. In terms of well-being, it's also time to cut your hair if you want it to grow back thicker.

The time that passes between the Full Moon and the Third Quarter is the time to take stock, look carefully around you to see what works and what does not. This is a good time to study, make repairs and make new plans. In terms of health, it's time to have decriminal treatment, dye your hair, get treatment or start a health plan. Cut your hair if you want to slow down their growth.

From the Third Quarter to the New Moon, it's time to leave a situation that doesn't work or get rid of things that don't work in order to fix everything that's outstanding. You are preparing for the next phase of construction and creation. It's time to analyze any situation you're in and have all the things you're having a problem with. Get rid of clutter and use your time to rest and recover.