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Spiritual meaning of colours

Color theory can go beyond the basic symbolism of a specific color and some people think it helps to improve our mood and spiritual well-being. For example, if you understand the meaning of colors, you can wear colors that match your intention for the day or decorate your home with colors that resonate with you.

Chakras are also associated with different colors, so having a good understanding of the spiritual significance of colors could help you balance your chakras by eating foods of a certain color, wearing colored gemstones or meditating on specific colors.

Red color

Red is a powerful color. This is partly because red is associated with the root chakra, and therefore with our most basic instincts and needs.

When it manifests itself in a positive way, red is a colour of trust, leadership, courage and security. When overused, red may be associated with aggression or anger. Some people think that using this color in moderation is the best way to harness your energy.


The characteristic color of autumn and harvest, orange is a somewhat eccentric color with a more subjective meaning than simple red. Orange is the color of the sacred chakra, associated with our sexuality, creativity and health. Some people think it is a warm color that can help renew spiritual energies and heal spiritual imbalance.

On the other hand, others think that orange is an irritating color that can upset the balance of a person's aura. Close your eyes and think about this color to allow your consciousness to focus on it. This way, you can determine for yourself how this color makes you feel.


The color of the sun, fresh lemons and daffodils, yellow is generally considered a joyful color. This color is associated with the chakra of the solar plexus – the center of our Self and the seat of our creative activities. Yellow is often associated with happiness, creativity, energy and intellect at the positive end of the spectrum.


The symbolic meaning of this color is easy to interpret. Green is the colour of nature, new growth and fertility. It is related to the heart chakra (although pink is sometimes included with this chakra) because it is a peaceful and open color that inspires balance and healing. This color combines the energy of yellow with the calming properties of blue, making it ideal for rest and well-being. However, when green is unbalanced, it can be associated with envy, greed and overt materialism. Meditate in nature to exploit the positive and soothing aspects of this color.

Blue color

Blue is generally considered a soothing color. The term "blue sky" often refers to a period of peace and smooth navigation. But at the same time, saying that you "feel blue" means that you suffer from depression or sadness. It is because blue is so deeply associated with peace, calm and serenity that when it is overused, it can undermine our energy and leave us depressed. In the chakras, blue is connected to the throat chakra, our source of communication and our ability to tell our truth.

When balanced, this chakra is supposed to be linked to effective communication and veracity. When unbalanced, this chakra may be related to feelings of isolation and the inability to connect with others.

Indigo Color

Associated with the chakra of the third eye, indigo is supposed to be a color that improves psychic energy. It is considered a mystical color, with the "indigo children" representing new souls on earth who have strong psychic abilities and bring with them new wisdom and new gifts.

Since it is linked to the chakra of the third eye, indigo is also considered innovative and sometimes dramatic. It is an excellent color to meditate on if you want to find your spiritual truth.

Color Violet

For centuries, purple has been associated with royalty and important people. Purple is also the color of the crown chakra – the center of our connection with the great universe.

Purple is a very spiritual color, sometimes associated with our understanding of our place in the cosmos. People with this color in their aura can be very open with their feelings and feel things very deeply, because they are wise and tend to be spiritually mature. Tune in to this hue if you're looking for superior knowledge or a deeper connection to the universe around you.