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What is an aura?

Auras are considered a projection of a human energy field surrounding each person. Essentially, auras are an external reflection of your spiritual state. Your aura can embody your thoughts, dreams and even desires.

A multitude of colors make up these ethereal energy fields. However, there is usually a dominant hue. This color reflects your most important features.

It is important to understand that auras are not static. Rather, they change depending on internal and external conditions. Humans are dynamic and complex beings, so it follows naturally that auras are just as complex and multifaceted as we are.

The colours of the aura

The colours of the aura may seem simple at first. They can be red, orange, yellow, green, purple, white and blue. Variations in colour, however, reveal deeper revelations. The aura colors may appear intact and shiny, or slightly muddy and faded. The quality of the color and the color itself can mean different elements of a person's true nature.

So what do the colors of the aura mean? Each
color is associated with different energies, traits and a general feeling of the Self. Before deciphering colors, it is important to cultivate a deeper understanding of auras as a spiritual concept.

The 7 auric bodies

In some Eastern religious traditions, the aura would be the representation of the auric body set, also called subtle bodies or psychic bodies. A subtle body is a "supersensitive envelope" or not perceptible by human sensory organs. Their number and denominations vary from school to school and their meanings are not always exactly the same but here is a list of 7 subtle bodies that synthesizes the different information found.

  1. The Physical Body: Physical impressions such as comfort and pleasure.
  2. The Etheric Body: Attitude towards oneself as self-esteem and self-acceptance. This level reflects the nature of your inner self.
  3. The Astral Body: The astral body allows sensation and is the vehicle of feelings, emotions and desires. For this reason it is also called "body of desires" or "animal soul". It is the seat of the impulses of life that can be a source of good or evil depending on how consciousness makes use of it.
  4. The Mental Body: This is the seat of intellect and selfish consciousness, also called the ego. This level determines how you approach your relationships with others.
  5. The Causal Body: Connection to the Higher or Divine Self. This body represents the will to follow a greater truth beyond the material world.
  6. The Buddhist Body: The spiritual soul, the spiritual consciousness, or the faculty that would allow man to discern between good and evil. The vehicle of purity, of the universal spirit, conceived as a kind of inseparable fragment of the vemal body of which it would be the ultimate vehicle.
  7. The Vemic Body: The pure consciousness of being or the cosmic Self that would be the same in every entity of the universe. Traditionally denotes the true Self, as opposed to the ego, but with an infinitely larger universal model. In Hinduism this would be the essential principle from which every living being (Brahman) is organized

The principle of the different subtle bodies is also complex enough to give you a simplified image imagine that impressions coming from the material environment act first on the physical body, then are transmitted to the astral body that transforms an impression into sensation. One would explain the total absence of sensations of individuals experiencing ecstasy, their astral body being detached (insensitivity of physical limbs exposed to the flame of a candle, needle punctures …)

The meaning of aura colours

The colors of the aura can indicate your personality and your spiritual progress. That said, the colors themselves are just the tip of the iceberg. Achieving a full understanding of your true self is a journey of a lifetime.

In themselves, aura colors mean nothing without an accurate interpretation of aura colors. This service can be provided by people who follow spiritual traditions or holistic healers. Knowing how to analyze your own aura is both a skill and an art, but you can use the guidelines below for a basic understanding.

Aura color Violet

An aura of violet color is associated with a deep spirituality. Purple-dominated individuals are generally in tune with the emotions and moods of others around them. They also have a deep connection with nature and animals that is unique to this aura color.

Those who have purple auras are sensitive people who are both mysterious and secretive. They have an almost limitless potential for personal and spiritual growth.

In general, they like to learn and explore, which makes them interesting and competent. Together with other people, they serve as empathetic channels and often unconsciously capture the thoughts and desires of those around them, especially strong emotions.

Although they can easily determine the intent of others, those with purple auras are often unreadable themselves.

Aura of Indigo color

Indigo is linked to intuition and inspiration. People with indigo aura tend to be extremely sensitive to the energy of others.

They are sensitive and empathetic beings who base their decisions on the deep depth of their feelings. Those who have an indigo aura depend heavily on intuition, but can quickly – and correctly – discern between illusions and truth.

Aura blue

A blue aura color usually denotes a calm and sensitive nature. Honesty, self-expression, compassion and communication are all inherent to blue-dominated people.

However, those with blue auras can be very different from each other. Just as there are many shades of blue, there are many types of blue auras that reflect a variety of traits and characteristics.

Green Aura

Plant color, growth and change. Similar to these color connotations, people with a green aura effortlessly pass through life and manage change well.

Individuals with green auras are generally determined perfectionists and down-to-earth. They tend to stay away from unrealistic ideas and nurture good connections with their romantic friends and partners that match their relaxed characteristics.

Because green is also the color of the outside, those who have a green aura usually have a close connection with nature.

Although greens are creative, their creativity may not manifest itself in traditional ways such as painting or drawing. Instead, someone with a green aura can find more practical ways to track their creative energies. For example, they might like to create a perfect aesthetic: their appearance, their clothes, their interior decoration, etc.

The Greens are the "balancers" of the aura spectrum; they help maintain balance within themselves by adapting to change and act as mediators in personal relationships.

Yellow Aura

When you think of the yellow color, you can imagine the sun, sunflowers and cheerfulness. People with yellow auras usually have traits closely related to the connotations surrounding this cheerful color: they are cheerful, creative and lively.

You are most likely to find yellow-dominated individuals in teaching or research-related careers. Teachers, inventors and scientists are good at having yellow auras.

Individuals with a yellow aura subscribe to unconventional thinking and are not afraid to experiment with different ideas. They are very attracted to everything that is forward-thinking.

Known as great communicators, those with yellow auras are confident both in individual situations and in front of large crowds.

Aura color Orange

These are the social butterflies of the aura color spectrum. People with orange predominance like to be in the company of others and are often described as sociable and generous.

Individuals with orange auras are often people who like, who are kind, honest and charming. They are great gift givers because they are very much in tune with the thoughts and feelings of others. In addition, they possess a disarming charm that puts others at ease.

They are also known as daredevils who seek pleasure in all situations.

Aura of Red Color

The red color immediately evokes very specific images: red roses, blood, cherries, passion, vitality… The list is long. An individual with a red aura appreciates the things he can touch, see, taste and hear.

A red aura is associated with the first most primitive chakra. It's the root chakra. The most basic aspects of our primary needs are governed by this chakra. So if your aura is red, it's likely that your root chakra is dominant.

The red auras are very rooted in the material world. They appreciate physical connections. Those with red auras tend to be enthusiastic, energetic and adventurous.

Red Auric individuals like to explore different places and they have a bold approach to life that matches the intensity of their aura color. Their sense of adventure is also not limited to travel. They are also adventurous when it comes to food and sexual partners.

How to clean up your aura of negative energies

You can cleanse your aura when your general condition is negative, when you are not healthy, or when your plans and projects fail.

With crystals

Aesthetic and pleasant to collect, crystals are also considered by some people to have powerful healing and cleansing properties. With the countless varieties of these gemstones and their unique cuts and shapes that enhance their different qualities, crystals are considered a versatile solution to eliminate the negative energy from your aura.

With nature

Natural elements like water and air are supposed to help clean up your aura and reconnect with the earth. These earthly elements offer a perspective on your place in the world and help balance your aura.

All you have to do for is just go out into the wild. Don't worry about getting your hands dirty. Dip your toes in the mud or simply take a nap under a tree. Walking in the rain is the natural equivalent of cleaning your aura in the shower, with the added benefit of feeling more connected to nature.

It is important to remember that whatever technique you try, your aura is ultimately your own. Only you can feel what it needs, which means that the power to eliminate negative energy has been in your hands from the beginning. Take your time during the trip and enjoy the process.