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Discover the color associated with your astrological sign


As Aquarius, your color is blue, a color that resonates with calm and allows you to make ingenious ideas. Similar to the ocean, blue represents how infinite your ideas seem. By nature, you strive to bring out the best of others so that you can bring new advances to the world. You are able to inspire others and gather forces to act for causes you believe in.


As Pisces, your color is Turquoise. This color allows you to have a fluid and open communication with those around you. A mixture of calm coming from the color blue and growth and development coming from the green color. You are able to balance the two to create peace. You have a strong sense of patience to understand others and you are constantly helping those who need it. Your empathy allows you to see the best of others and your selfless attitude radiates the most when those around you experience dark moments in life.


As Aries, your color is Red, which translates into your unwavering passion for life and the energy you arouse in others. Red is a color that attracts attention, similar to your constant craving for projectors. You'd rather explore the outdoors and engage in physical activity than stay at home. Because you are competitive, you take the reins and lead group activities because the initiative comes naturally to you. Red is aligned with the root chakra, which means you have remarkable abilities to light and ignite your fire even in the most depressing circumstances. It also means that you can easily communicate your fire to others. Your passion spreads easily when your inspirational flame is lit. Unleash your red glow! You have so much light to offer the world, and the world needs your fiery spirit!


Since your sign is based on the energy of the earth, it is not surprising that your dominant color is Green. Think of lush growth, natural splendour and rich renewal. Green is a symbol of young and spring. The meaning of your color suggests that you are a child of heart. Even so, you like to see things grow and prosper. Green symbolizes family and unity. Home and home are of paramount importance to you.


As Gemini, your color is Yellow, which represents your ability to remain feisty and excited about life. Yellow is a color that brightens others just like when you share brilliant ideas with your peers. By combining your quick wit and sense of humour, you are often seen as sociable and charming. Your expressive personality is appreciated by those around you and you are always ready to acquire new experiences.


As a cancer, your color is Light Blue, which is often associated with tranquility and sweetness. Light blue invites and gives others a sense of hope just like the sky. When life becomes problematic, you are a great listener and are able to provide a space of comfort to feed your loved ones. At the heart of it all, you are compassionate and your decisions stem from intuition rather than rational thinking.


As a Lion, your color is Orange that mixes with yellow to create gold. Orange is a color of warmth and prestige that translates into your positive heart and your sense of classic style. With little or no doubt, your confidence surpasses those around you when you aspire to lead a proud life. You are warm and many consider you an authentic and optimistic individual.


As a Virgin, your color is Blue. This color has a very soothing and quiet energy for you. Being adept at tapping into peace and balance, others are attracted by your easy-going attitude. Blue is a stimulating and useful colour. Your understanding is profound and you intuitively know how to meet the needs of others. You do it in a way that is honest and honest that makes people want to be close to you. You really care about the well-being of life around you. The blue is aligned with the throat chakra. This means that thanks to the blue color you can communicate your feelings effectively without being abrasive or sharp. You can be naturally eloquent and diplomatic in your communication. It's a huge asset. The world could greatly benefit from your healing and reflection pathways. Take advantage of your beautiful blue hues and keep doing the good work you do.


As Libra, your color is the Clear Rose, a color that corresponds to an aura of a gentle and benevolent spirit. With the pink color, you are considered affectionate and sweet by nature. You are fighting for peace, not only for yourself but also for others. You are a person who tends to seek harmony in the world because balance puts your mind at ease. Personal relationships are especially important to you because you value cooperation with your peers.


As a Scorpio, your color is Bright Red, which invokes intensity and passion in all the activities you participate in. The bright red leans even more into the ferocious energy of red. By nature, you are quite assertive and once you have made your decision, you will use your ingenuity to achieve your goal. Your determination is admired by others almost as much as your mastery of yourself, a skill you have developed with practice and endurance.


As a Sagittarius, your color is Violet, a color that stimulates your openness and intellectual motivation. You tend to be optimistic in most situations and see the positives even the most negative moments of life. Your curiosity and spontaneity of natural origin influence others to join you in your desire for adventure. You strive to find new learning materials and openly share provocative ideas with friends and strangers.


As Capricorn, your color is Grey, which is linked to reliable and conventional characteristics. Grey is a neutral colour that paves the way for solidity and reliability. You tend to see the world in a logical sense and your realistic expectations lead to decisions in life that are often supported by justifications. Because you tend to be family oriented, others turn to you for advice, believing that you are responsible and trustworthy.