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What is Lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is an alternative system of medicine that uses the energy and colors of stones to harmonize the body. The name lithotherapy comes from the Greek words lithos ("stone") and therapeia ("care"). Its literal meaning: "the method of care by the use of stones".

Stones and minerals have vibrations and qualities that can help eliminate physical and psychological stress. When placed on chakras or worn as pendants, they are supposed to treat the organs to which they are naturally connected.

Lithotherapy uses the energy of stones to maintain the balance between mind, body and mind. This can help both physically, psychologically and spiritually. You might find the removal of emotional blockages and discover an increased awareness. The energy of the stones is linked to their chemical composition, colour and shape.

Billions of years ago, stones formed in the depths of the Earth's core. The oldest known object ever found on Earth is a small fragment of Zircon discovered in Australia dating back 4.4 billion years, according to National Geographic, citing a study by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Origin of Lithotherapy

Stones have been used for healing since prehistoric times. Early civilizations used stones for healing in rituals and ceremonies. They would take them in elixirs and powders, or wear them or wear them. Prehistoric people believed that minerals could increase their power and improve their fertility. Moreover, they believed that the stones offered protection from evil spirits.

Lapiz lazuli was prized by Egyptians who liked to ingest it as a drug treatment. They were the first to study the placement of crystals on the body and the symbolism of the colors of the stones. The ancient Greeks also crushed stones for health treatments, including marble powder. They used marble powder to treat stomach problems and red jasper, which was used as a fortifier.

Meanwhile, the Aztecs fashioned stones into jewels, which they placed on different parts of the body depending on the problem. Indeed, in China, acupuncturists have done something similar to increase the energy power of their needles. They selected the end point of different stones according to the disease. Several mineral drugs have also been considered to balance or stimulate different energies.

In the Middle Ages, alchemists often advocated the use of precious or semi-precious stones to cure diseases by following the law of similarity. So, for example, emerald could treat the liver because it was green … like bile.

Lithotherapy became an official branch of homeopathy in France in 1965.