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Understanding the influence of planets, houses and elements on your native theme can give you a deeper insight into your inner self. Used in this way, astrology becomes an evolutionary tool for spiritual growth, healing and the expansion of consciousness that are essential to making good choices.

signe zodiaque

Personalities of the signs of the zodiac

The 12 personalities of the astrological signs According to astrology, inner contentment and tranquility can be found according to the characteristics of your zodiac sign. Below are the twelve different types of astrological signs, a brief description and five key recommendations to help you find harmony. Ram You are a passionate, dynamic and confident…

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couleurs signe astrologique zodiac

The colors of the zodic signs

Discover the color associated with your astrological sign Aquarius As Aquarius, your color is blue, a color that resonates with calm and allows you to make ingenious ideas. Similar to the ocean, blue represents how infinite your ideas seem. By nature, you strive to bring out the best of others so that you can bring…

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Pleine lune en Gémeaux

The Phases of the Moon

The Moon and Men Men and women have observed and experienced the phases of the moon for millennia. The Moon has been used for centuries in Vedic astrology in India to calculate lunar astrological maps. Even now, you will find the gardeners and farmers most connected to ancestral traditions planting according to the different phases…

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